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St Andrew’s Girls perform very well at KZN Swimming Championship

Congratulations to the following St Andrew’s School for Girls, Bedfordview, pupils on their performances at the KZN Seagulls Winter Short Course Swimming Championship at Kings Park Aquatic Centre in Durban last week. Erin Anderson, Grade 12 for a 3rd, 6th, 8th two 9th and a 15th place. Lize-Mari de Beer, Grade 11 for a 2nd. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, two 10th and a 12th place. Erin Graham, Grade 10 for a 10th, 18th and two 19th places. Kerryn Herbst, Grade 9 for two 1st, seven 2nd places, two 3rd places and a 4th place. Mia Wildman, Grade 9...

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Alexandra Van Veijeren was awarded her Solo Seal

Alexandra Van Veijeren, a grade 12 pupil at St Andrew’s School for Girls, Bedfordview, was awarded her Solo Seal following her examination a month ago. The Solo Seal Award is the highest Vocational Graded examination of the Royal Academy of Dance and focuses on solo performance. It is a true test of the dancer’s abilities as it requires candidates to perform three contrasting variations, which have been selected to meet the stylistic and movement demands of today’s choreographers and directors.  The examination is performed in front of an audience. In order to participate candidates must have gained distinction in...

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St Andrew’s School for Girls Captains for upcoming seasons

The relevant captains for the upcoming seasons for St Andrew’s School for Girls are: Lauren Van der Westhuizen Diving vice-captain, Danielle Quinn Hockey captain, Jamie Kok Diving captain, Lize-Mari De Beer Swimming vice-captain, Tahne Badenhorst Rowing captain, Bianca Obadic equestrian vice-captain, Courtney Greve Netball captain, Ncumisa Madolo Netball vice-captain, Jessica Beswick Equestrian captain Edan Ingle Hockey vice-captain, Stefania Aldrighetti Tennis captain, Sabrina Dias Tennis vice-captain, Jessy Li Rowing vice-captain, Luandri Van Vuuren Squash vice-captain, Jenna Pearse Swimming captain, Sharessa Naidoo Squash captain, Nicola Rainsford Athletics vice-captain, Emily Macgregor First Aid captain, Georgina Tregoning First Aid vice-captain. Absent: Jodi Linaker Athletics...

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