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Alexandra Van Veijeren was awarded her Solo Seal

Alexandra Van Veijeren, a grade 12 pupil at St Andrew’s School for Girls, Bedfordview, was awarded her Solo Seal following her examination a month ago. The Solo Seal Award is the highest Vocational Graded examination of the Royal Academy of Dance and focuses on solo performance. It is a true test of the dancer’s abilities as it requires candidates to perform three contrasting variations, which have been selected to meet the stylistic and movement demands of today’s choreographers and directors.  The examination is performed in front of an audience. In order to participate candidates must have gained distinction in...

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Honours awarded to Hee Sun Kim from St Andrew’s School for Girls

Honours is awarded to a girl in Grade 11 or 12 at St Andrew’s School for Girls in Bedfordview who has met the full colours criteria and has been externally assessed and achieved a Grade 8 level in music with distinction. It is with much pride that we present for a Grade 8 achievement in music to Hee Sun Kim as a recipient of an Honours...

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Fabiana Cimato of St Andrew’s shine in England

Fabiana Cimato, a grade 9 pupil at St Andrew’s School for Girls, Bedfordview, competed in the World Lyrical Dance Federation competition in Stratford Upon Avon, England. Her team made it to the finals and placed 2nd out of all the countries that participated. Fabiana placed 2nd in the Supporting Solo u/16 section for her Solo and her group dance u/18 made it through to the finals for World Championships where they placed 2nd....

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Learners from St Andrew’s School at annual Eskom Expo

Grade 7 learners from St Andrew’s School for Girls represented their school at the annual Eskom Expo Regional Science Fair. The event was held at the University of the Witwatersrand. Stephanie Jones, Georgia Marais, Amelia Maistry, Rachel Shannon, Eva Zuo and Donna Yates all won gold medals. Stephanie was a category winner for Plant Sciences and Donna was a category winner achieving 95% in the Environmental Management category. Georgia Marais received 92% for her...

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